The Shaolin Talks Talk 1: Balance_PwC’s Academy Bulgaria 24th Nov 2016

Now we will do this for the first time for you this evening. And the first talk will be about balance. I can tell them, the children, the young ones just stand. And then what is it that they will feel? They will feel it’s uncomfortable. And then what is it that the children which grow up are learning them? They are learning even when life is getting hard. Don’t give up.

Many people say, but I don’t want to do mistakes. How do I avoid mistakes? And I have a very positive, very good and very relaxing solution for you. It is impossible to avoid mistakes. Kung Fuzzio said once very nicely, he said, to do a mistake, to realize it and not to correct it. That is a mistake.

Tonight is a chance for you to sink outside the box. If you give your body not good things to eat, your body will not be healthy. If from the 24 hours every day you give your mind problems to eat sorrow, to eat conflict, to eat hate, to eat greediness, to eat what you think the mind Qigong to be, we think your mind is exactly going to shape like this. So it becomes very important that it’s not just what we give to our body to eat. It is especially important and much more important what we give our mind to eat. Many shoulds in your life must change. To must. I should stop smoking. I must stop smoking. I should stop drinking. I must stop drinking. I should stop worrying. I must stop worrying. I should care about my relationship. I must care about my relationship. What is the shoot? The shoot is something in the head. The shoot is doing nothing. But from should life is not changing. From must life is changing. I should do something in order to overcome this feeling of failure. No, you must overcome this feeling of failure because failure simply is not an option.

Why do we want balance? Because we want to be happy. But happiness is not a matter of intensity. It is a matter of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. You have to find the right balance, the right harmony. Never do too much because it’s too much. Never do too less, because it is too less. And nature is always in balance. Just we humans sometimes try to do it against the nature. But we can’t go against the nature because we are part of the nature. So we should get the balance in our life. Because if we don’t have balance in our life, if we continue work, nature will give us balance on the hard way. That is why you have a burn out, a stroke or a heart attack. Avoid extremes. Stay in the middle.

For all the energy that you are investing in helping others, investing in helping your partner, investing in helping your children, investing in helping your organization to grow. If, therefore, you have time that you invest for yourself, and creating balance can start very, very simple by for example, just exercises like this. Now I’ll show you a few ones. You move left, bring to the center. And this is the reason why. Like in the beginning, this is for the children. This is for the children. Because they learn what discipline is. They learn what selfdiscipline is. And together with selfdiscipline rises selfresponsibility and with selfresponsibility rising rise of self care. And with self care rise us self love.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try things out, make mistakes. Stay open minded and correct them and then find your inner balance.

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