Simple Keys to Success, That We All Need in Life

I think it’s really good if you can have a handful of people around you where you know, no matter what happens with the pandemic, without a pandemic, if you have money, if you are are successful, if you are not successful, if you’re healthy, or if you’re sick, regardless of the circumstances, you know that there are still those few people that will always circle around your life. And in a way, what does it mean if you have something so reliable, so loyal into your life? It means that there is something stable about you, there is something that you can rely on in your lifetime. And this is the reason why such an important virtue, such as loyalty, is really important when it comes to building something up in your lifetime, which is stable. The first things you normally learn in the martial arts is the proper way of standing, which means the proper way of aligning your body on the Earth.

Because we say if you cannot stand firmly, no matter what type of techniques and applications you’re trying to do afterwards, they can only be as good as your foundation is. And this foundation means for us stability of the body, stability of the legs. Now trying to translate this into the modern way of living a life, I mean, it’s very, very similar. You can start off easily nowadays to try and become famous very quickly, try to build up a very high level lifestyle. But the question ultimately is all these things, one day they will reach their peak and they will vanish again.

And then the question remains, what is the foundation that is going to hold you up? Because sometimes living a fast way up also means it’s going to be a fast way down. When we start to try and develop martial skills or any other skills, it doesn’t matter if it’s a martial skill. Any skill must be nourished over and over again. And this is why there is the saying, for example, the real skill, the Kung Fu, it’s the skill attained by investing a lot of effort.

And the only way in order to express this is by repetitive structure, repetitive movements, and therefore it’s the same. Perfection comes from repetition. Because this is also why somebody becomes so good in filming, making very nice video shots, very nice footage. How come? I’m sure he very often had his camera in his hands.

Other people working with wood, he must work with wood in order to become a good woodworker. Somebody who is practicing artists in the martial art field, his lifetime, his 24 hours day must be filled with martial arts way of life. So in order to know in what is a person good thing, you just need to look at the 24 hours day, at the seven days a week, at every month and at the last two, three years. And then you can very much tell already what type of skills a person for example can develop or has developed.

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