Keep Your inner Harmony no matter what

There must be another way of handling and walking through this lifetime without always being caught inside. These up and downs of life is about harmony, about balance, about stability, about unity. It means that you are already placing your attention, how you feel about your life right now and now everything that you are doing try to make it in such a way that your feelings on the inside do not have huge fluctuations.

So that means somebody gives you a present and normally before you would be very very euphoric. So you had this great happiness rising. Practice a little bit, don’t let it rise too quick. So somebody give you a present. You can be still very thankful but your emotional state is not rising.

Somebody maybe from your team, he told you, oh I’m sorry but this one project I tried, it didn’t work out so no results there. And normally maybe before we would be angry and would be sad about it and we’d say what the hell? Yeah. But this time it’s just like even with this bad message inside of you, don’t let it drop. It doesn’t drop, it remains.

And in a way that means this is just the first beginning to learn and control yourself that you are not following these fluctuations of lifetime. It doesn’t mean you cannot at every time you can still decide but now I want to be happy, now I want to have this expressive feeling. This is not a problem, but only after you have learned that you can also remain in a stable state. Because what is the advantage of this stable state? You know what you can build your life upon.

No matter if you are going to be rich in this lifetime, you don’t lose yourself. If somebody insulting you very very very much, you know you are never going to lose yourself. There is that one person in this lifetime that cannot be raised more than he is and he cannot be lower more than he is because he has always been stable. No matter how many compliments you give him, he will always remain stable. He won’t raise up no matter how much you insult him.

You cannot insult him because you cannot get him down because he is always remaining in the stable state. He’s unshakable. You could see yourself evolving to a better version and that’s why you took the initiative and pursued that goal. And if this better version of yourself involves physical skills or if it involves mental skills, or if that additional benefit means financial wealth, at the end, it doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s always worthwhile to strive for something that you regard as important for your life.

But now comes the point. We are regarding these things as important for our lives.


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