How To Control Your Mind for Success

You think that everything the mind tells you I need to follow, that means freedom. No. For us, it’s the other way around to learn and not follow what the mind tells you. This is the first step towards freedom. Because during the 24 hours day, your mind tells you so many different things, your mind tells you you should do this right now.

You just had an argument with another person. The mind tells you, hey, don’t take the words just like this. He just insulted me. I need to insult him back. I need to show him who the boss is.

Anything like this, the mind gives you during the day so many different instructions. But not all these instructions are helpful. They come from how you were conditioned by your parents, by the teachers, by the Advertisement, conditions, by everything that nowadays has an impact on the way, how we see the world here. When you are in the temple, we simply have a schedule. 06:00 starts the day at 07:00.

We are preparing food for ourselves. 09:00 is the evening ceremony and this is how the day ends. Six days a week. That means inside this daily structure, number one, there is no place for your own wishes, what you would like to do. So that means on the one side.

Yeah. But the way how you’re describing right now, this way of life, it really sounds like a prison to me because you have no freedom of expressing what you want. Yes, it’s correct like this. Because just imagine for a moment you would live a life based on what you want. Then it would look like this yesterday evening because we went out with our friends and stayed awake until 02:00 in the morning.

Even if today at 07:00 I have to be at work. But I don’t feel like being at work because I drank too much. So I’m just going to rest at home and who cares about my obligations at work, you can search for another person. So then you wake up and because you’re hungry, you directly run to the fridge at 09:00, open the fridge. Okay.

Nothing is in there. So first of all, order a pizza at 10:00 in the morning again. Then because the pizza, you didn’t finish everything. At 01:00, you’re hungry again. So you run through the fridge and just grab something out of there.

In the monastery, there are strict eating times. If you’re hungry in between, you wait. You don’t run every time to the fridge when you feel like running to the fridge. But now, let’s go extended. You are in a relationship, but then you go with your friends into the city and it’s a very nice weather and there are many other beautiful people running around in the city.

And because you think I’m in a free world, we’re in the 21st century, I can do what I want. And this is why you’re cheating on your partner. And maybe you can feel already in which direction this is going. We don’t think the human is going to develop in the proper direction when he is just following what he thinks he wants to do. This is not the type of freedom that is helpful for yourself and it’s also not helpful for the people that are afterwards dealing with you because this type of freedom you think it’s the freedom of the mind.

You think that everything the mind tells you I need to follow that means freedom? No. For us it’s the other way around to learn and not follow what the mind tells you. This is the first step towards freedom even so that we’re in the 21st century and the possibilities of doing and exploring this world are so huge it doesn’t mean that you should freely do what you want at all times. This is not the way of how in the monastery in the Shaolin temple we are regarding it as a healthy way of growing.

We can take any successful person nowadays. Everybody can find someone who is successful in something. I don’t think that this person reached his success or reached his position Where he is at the moment without having some guiding principles in his lifetime and one of them certainly is structure so that means any successful person nowadays I don’t think he reached that point by just doing what he wants during the day. Maybe right now he’s in the position that he can do what he wants but how he got there is not by doing what he wanted. He put himself a structure he put himself a guideline and no matter how he felt during that day this was the code, this was the mission and this is what he kept.

If you feel tired or not if you are in the mood to do it or not you had your structure and you kept it so that also means at the same time some people have the structure It’s written down but then they still say okay but yesterday I actually really Worked hard enough I think today I can really allow myself to rest okay. For some people it’s working but other people are still having this willpower and that discipline let’s say it’s a one week plan the week is not over yet So we still keep going.

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