Keep Your inner Harmony no matter what

Master Shi Heng Yi keep your inner harmony, build your life on your own stability and unity. Learn to control yourself. Become Unshakeable. Self Mastery, Motivational, educational & inspirational.

Do This When LiFE is HARD

Master Shi Heng Yi – when life is hard do this, self mastery, inspirational. Energy Regeneration, Warrior Spirit, Keep Going, Be Open to What Future Brings, Motivational.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Get out of the hole, Be the person you want to see in the world, the Best Version of Yourself, be better than yesterday – you cannot give up. Master Shi Heng Yi – self mastery, the Buddhist way of Martial Arts.

Life & Buddhism

Master Shi Heng Yi about Buddhism and Life. Any teaching you need to compare with your own experience about this life and see if it make sense or not. Is not about believing.

Mental Switch to Happiness & Inner Peace

to have happiness, each of us can do different things, but understand that you are not what you attain in life – after all the things are gone, you are still you. Master Shi Heng Yi – happiness, inner peace. Do not lose yourself.