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On this site I share with you all my thoughts and studies about Qi Gong:

  • Philosophy
  • Exercises
  • and many other contents that have impacted me

I have always been a fan of martial arts, it all started with Karate Kid (RIP Miyagi). Since then I have grown up and have been doing Muay Thai for 5 years now. I decided to stop my practice because I didn’t find pleasure in this martial art anymore.

So I looked for an internal martial art that would allow me to discover myself from the inside. It is after some research that I became interested in Taichi and Qi Gong. Following this, I discovered Master Shi Heng Yi who had a great impact on me in his words.

It is in this dynamic that I decided to create this site to gather all my research and share it with you.

I hope that you will find answers to your thoughts by visiting my site.

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